Airport Baggage

I see an airport

And no longer feel joy.

No flutters in my belly, (excitement at upcoming adventure)

No relief sedating my tongue (no home in the near future)


Imprisoned animals claw at my skin,

Wanting to leap out, wanting to fly.

A thousand criss crossing routes

Call out to to me.


My heart’s home is fluent in my thoughts.

The wings of flights save me space,

But I sit quiet, I sit right, don’t fight.

Heed all instructions

Logic speaks through my parents,

And pre booked tickets.


Memories of us flood me,

Fingers interlocked,

Arms reaching out,

Angry mouths and waterfall eyes,

Cold noses and throbbing heads.

It’s unfair and ordinary,

Separation is brutal,

Starved hyenas on a carcass,

Tornado in a slum,

The gifts of life sour and rot.


You have a shiny, precious thing,

And suddenly,

You do not.

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