Week 20 – Ends and Beginnings

My world ended, not a thing making sense.

The how, the what, the why,

all pounding my head.

Another hour or two, a stronger ray or two,

and another day at my doorstep.

My face, red and washed out, this is how I welcome it.

A private meeting, now just us two.

And then, I swirl some water, cold over my face,

hear it thunder over my brittle body.

Line my eyes, dark and strong,

long earrings brushing over my shoulder.

I am ready.

The world hasn’t ended, you had offered,

on weak hands already faltering.

My world did end, for me,

but I faced a new day, anyway.

Isn’t that how we are made?

Watery final endings, painful new beginnings.

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