Week 2 – A Note on displeasure

This is the year I learnt about displeasure,
It left a taste on my tongue like that of Luke warm milk
Bland and sickening and dull and strong
Taking over and lingering, for ever so long.
Changing my breath, my taste, my smell

I learnt it with you serving as the introduction
When you refused to see my fears and apprehensions
As the endless dark pit I dreamt of every night
Monstrous and endless and devoid of light
Reducing my smile, my eyes, my voice

I learnt it with myself for company along the ride
For not having enough strength in me to muster the courage,
To simply consider my happiness an important thing
A real thing I could shape and allow to sing
Weakening my arms, my feet, my hands

This is the year I learnt about displeasure,
When you drifted back into my love, like it was a room
You accidentally stumbled into, in your search
For something more alive, more exciting
More worth your time, more interesting